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Brazilian Bikini Waxing

Honeymooning or just finally headed for a tropical paradise to focus on the important things in life? Starting with carefree surf romps uninterrupted by thoughts of potential bikini-line overgrowth. Why not treat yourself to a Brazilian bikini-wax and set yourself free? No hair will dare stray outside your bikini bottom again. (At least until your next waxing.)

This method of waxing originated in Brazil, the place where beach thongs abound. Finally not only for the girls in Brazil, this waxing treatment is very much in demand. The Brazilian wax basically takes it ALL away, leaving just a tiny strip of closely-shorn hair in the front.

The Basics for a Brazilian:

Andrea Dobay Esthetics uses gentle, all-natural bees wax.

The result lasts anywhere from ten days to three weeks with no maintenance.

Hair should be a quarter to a half inch long for the wax to grab on. If the hair is longer, it should be trimmed so the wax can reach the follicles.

If you normally shave, stop two weeks before your waxing appointment for best results.

Andrea Dobay Esthetics will provide a disposable thong.

We recommend using Tend Skin after waxing.

Customer testomonials:

“This is the first time I felt completely comfortable wearing a bathing suit!”

“The way Andrea does Brazilian Waxing is the only time it grows in properly.”







The Smoothie~ $62

The Martini Glass ~ $62

The Landing Strip~ $62

The Postage Stamp ~ $62